Blue Sky


Wellington had six days of gloom last week. It was cold, wet and generally made you want to stay cosy inside. When we woke to blue skies on Friday the world seemed a different place. Yesterday it was warm enough to walk barefoot on a Kapiti beach; pause to look at the horizon and expand up into the sky.

Craniosacral can give you this same “blue sky feeling”; it can change your perspective profoundly and enable you to feel connected to nature. It can affect your relationship with yourself and hence with other people in your life. It can allow you to feel your own power. My health seems to be a reflection of my relationship with myself and, as a client myself,  bcst has allowed me to strip off the layers that I have accumulated over the years and be myself more authentically. As well as very specific physical changes that have happened to me on the table, I think that this move to authenticity and feeling comfortable with myself is the root of why I am so much healthier.

When the moment presents; stand under a blossom tree, look up at the blue sky above, breathe and feel alive.

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