“Thank you for the amazing sessions. You really are a gifted healer and offer something special. The treatments I’ve had have been incredible. They have helped reduce the pins and needles I was experiencing constantly, and I feel so much lighter and more energetic. I loved how deep and relaxing the sessions were.  You have such a warm, calm, wise approach and I felt in safe hands. ” Kathryn

“Being introduced to Karen was a serendipitous moment in my life.  At the time I had an inner ear virus that was causing extreme dizziness and nausea. It had been going on for 3 weeks, and two doctors said nothing could be done. I felt relief after my first cranial sacral session with Karen. While the virus was with me another 2 weeks, the treatment eased my nausea and halved the dizziness I was experiencing. I have continued to see Karen to address some deep-seated pain in my back. Despite practicing yoga and seeing a chiropractor for years, the pain was mostly always with me. I had come to accept that this was “just my body”, which was being aggravated by carrying my young children. However my sessions with Karen have transformed this, ‘teaching’ my body that it can let go. I don’t fully understand how the therapy works, but I can say it’s been both magical and transformational for me. I say magical because the therapy is unbelievably gentle, yet so powerful. Karen is an incredible healer, and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to anyone.” Lisa

“With regular cranio, I have experienced a gradual sea-change in my mental, emotional and physical health. I have digestive issues and plenty of experience with anxiety and insomnia and took to the deep, almost mesmerising relaxation like a duck to water. I was aware I was being gently assisted to release memories of all kinds – those trapped in my body tissue somehow. I liken cranio to being hooked up to jumper leads that gently transmit to you the energy your body needs to get your own motor running. What I most like about Karen’s approach is her way of putting you at ease so that it becomes natural to relax and trust the process fully. As a result, I have recently been able to stop taking medication and I sleep much more deeply than I used to; I can thoroughly recommend her as a practitioner and someone I feel I can talk to freely if I feel the need. She has a warmth and calmness, as well as an astute wisdom, which make her an ideal practitioner.” Jane

“Karen treated me a number of times during 2014. While I had no chronic illnesses, the treatments gave me the most wonderful feeling of well-being I have ever experienced. I felt physically balanced and restored but also experienced deep emotional release from the treatments. Karen has a sensitive approach which I highly recommend.” Stephanie

“I started seeing Karen to help ease symptoms of Crohn’s disease (stress and fatigue) and help with pain and recovery from previous sports injuries. Dubious at first, I quickly warmed to the therapy as I experienced it firsthand. Craniosacral therapy resonated with me and helped me find balance and comfort in life.” Sam

“The sessions were a pleasurable experience where I felt areas of my body unlock. Afterwards I noticed how I felt more positive and open to new possibilities in my life. ” Donna

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