The sea inside us


I have spent many hours this summer at the beach. It is my happy place even when the sea is cool: sometimes swimming, sometimes walking barefoot, sometimes sitting and gazing out to the horizon. I keep my togs and swimtowel close to the front door so that if I have a spare hour or so I can take off to the Bay. I always return feeling revitalised and “more in my body”. I feel how Nature lies at the heart of any true healing practice. Being at the beach allows me to slow down, be present and connect to my vitality. And if I sit for a while looking out on the vastness of the ocean I can feel my own immense spaciousness inside and that I am part of Nature too.

This “wholebody” experience often happens during a long craniosacral session; you get an opportunity to slow down and be present. The practitioner supports the connection to the health inside you, amplifies the stillness at your core and allows the body to power up and choose new healing possibilities. You return from the session feeling nourished and more embodied; like you have become part of the vastness of the ocean.

No wonder most of us resonate with the sea; our fluids inside us have a composition very similar to sea water and are the major constituent of our bodies. Every fluid in the body from blood plasma to joint fluid has interstitial fluid as their source. The interstitium is a gel-like medium that suspends and surrounds all our cells. Containing collagen and dissolved nutrients and hormones, it acts as a message and transport system for all the cells in the body. As it crosses different membranes it changes into blood, lymph, cellular fluid, synovial fluid or cerebro-spinal fluid.

Cranial practitioners become skilled at interpreting the body when we touch it. Each fluid in the body has its own quality; from the vibrant earthiness of the arterial blood to the more ethereal flow of the cerebro-spinal fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord. Sometime in a session, clients can feel tide-like rhythms in their body as they become more deeply relaxed. Their body is identifying with the sea inside.


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