Inhale. Exhale.

We often say during a session that the body tells the truth. The mind may be wrapped up in its own story, with a certain framework, and the body may be saying something very different. The breath is the same. Feel the texture of your inhale and your exhale. Is it smooth? Is it easy? Is it full? Then the body will be happy.

One of the good things about Lockdown for me was signing up to Mark Whitwell’s online yoga course. He teaches us how to breathe happily again, how to move within the envelope of the breath and how to use to our breath as a guide. Conscious breathing allows us to be intimate with our own lifeforce. This feels pretty wonderful. And can be done easily in a confined space!

Mark Whitwell : Breath is the Guru – Bing video

In a craniosacral session, practioners are listening to the inhale and exhale of the whole body. This is different from the breath in the lungs and usually happens at a slower tempo. The whole body feels as if it is expanding into the space around us and then there is a coming back to the midline of the body. When it is felt, it is a sign of the vibrancy and health in your system: that your body is able to exhibit wholeness: that it is able to open out to the environment and receive, and then be strong in your own centre. It feels good.

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